Superstar Spotlight: The Undertaker Part 2

Superstar Spotlight
The Undertaker
Part 1 - Part 2 (1992 - 1994)


The Undertaker had been facing some of the biggest names in the company. In Part 1, we looked at The Undertaker's beginnings. We saw him managed by Brother Love and then the memorable, Paul Bearer. We also saw a variety of feuds including The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. Now we get to kick things off with The Undertaker embroiled in a feud with Sid Justice

Unfortunately, that match cannot be found online but I am hoping to find it soon. I would love to add it to my blog. The Undertaker pressed on and threatened to compete in the 1992 Royal Rumble. The WWF President Jack Tunney had vacated the WWF Title after some controversy during the Undertaker/Hulk Hogan feud. So, The WWF Title would be up for grabs during the Rumble.

The Undertaker vs. Ed Robinson (Wrestling Challenge)

Flair won the WWF Title by winning the 1992 Royal Rumble. He teamed with The Undertaker as a sort of insurance policy against Hulk Hogan & Sid Justice during an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event. 

Hulk Hogan wasn't over his lingering feud with 'Taker. In fact they worked a few house shows in Tag Team matches as Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper vs. The Undertaker & Ric Flair. However, The Undertaker was just starting to pick up some positive fan reactions. This would be the start of the Undertaker's first face run.

The Undertaker vs. Lee Thomas (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Scotty Williams (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Sonny Trout (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Takashi Ishikawa (SWS Japan)
The Undertaker vs. Haku (SWS Japan)

The Undertaker vs. Sid Justice (UK Rampage Again)
The Undertaker vs. The Berzerker (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Glen Ruth (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Bill Pierce (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Dan Robbins (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Duane Gill (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Bob Knight (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Barry Hardy (Wrestling Challenge)

The Undertaker would face off against The Berzerker during house shows in the spring of 1992. This was apparently a feud that people really wanted to see. The one match that made it to television during this feud was The Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker taking on Papa Shango & The Berzerker

The Undertaker vs. Chris Duffy (Superstars of Wrestling)

This feud would see one more match before derailing and being ignored. They inserted Ric Flair and Randy Savage who were already embroiled in a series. Instead of going with The Undertaker vs. The Berzerker, they brought in Kamala to set up a match for Summerslam

The Undertaker vs. Pat Rose (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Barry Horowitz (Wrestling Challenge)

The Undertaker vs. Von Krus (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Jason Helton (Wrestling Challenge)

After a really impressive series against some greats like Flair, Haku and Ramon. Taker would be pit against the convict Nailz. They had an intense stare down after Nailz would attacked The Undertaker during a match. This would turn into a Six Man Tag Match then finally a Singles match before Nailz was let go.

The Undertaker vs. Duane Gill (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Barry Horowitz (Wrestling Challenge)

The WWF would dip back into the well again with Kamala. We would have a Casket match! I assumed that Nailz would have been his opponent at Survivor Series but he was fired. 

The Undertaker vs. Scott Zappa (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Dale Wolfe (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Dave Silguero (Superstars of Wrestling)


The Undertaker vs. Damien Demento (WWF Monday Night RAW)

During this time the WWF felt like they had nowhere for The Undertaker to go. He was still feuding with Harvey Wippleman. But they had just about thrown everything at the guy. Now he was getting ready to take on Giant Gonzalez but on television he was having these great matches with some big name mid-carders. It was awesome. Taker vs. Bigelow would have been amazing as a proper feud. But we had to go with Giant Gonzalez. Sigh. Gonzalez would interfere in the 1993 Royal Rumble and cost the Undertaker a win. 

The Undertaker vs. Papa Shango (Invasion of the Body Slammers ‘93)
The Undertaker vs. Razor Ramon (Invasion of the Body Slammers '93)
The Undertaker vs. Raven Clarke (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Brian Boyer (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Skinner (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (WWF March To WrestleMania IX)

The Undertaker actually faced off against Giant Gonzalez in the USWA in a sort of trial match before Wrestlemania IX. I cannot find video of this match but am looking. If you have it please let me know. 

The Undertaker vs. PJ Walker (April 1993)
The Undertaker vs. Brian Christopher - USWA (May 1993)
The Undertaker vs. Brian Christopher - USWA (June 1993)
The Undertaker vs. Samu (Monday Night RAW)

The Undertaker vs. Rod Bell (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Adam Bomb (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Steve Moore (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Gus Kantarakis (Superstars of Wrestling)

The WWF was missing Hulk Hogan. And, although he didn't have a patriotic gimmick. Hogan was an All-American Babyface that fought hard for the Red, White and Blue.His absence was felt. They didn't have anyone to answer these big foreign heels. So, they repackaged "The Narcissist" Lex Luger by wrapping him in the flag. Before you know it we are smack dab in the middle of this weird Nationalistic era.

The Undertaker is a weird outlier in the match above. He is pretty much just in the match because he's a face. A really over face. It is weird to watch this match and watch it come down to Yokozuna & Ludvig Borga against Lex Luger & The Undertaker. Such a weird combination. However, Yokozuna and "Taker would begin their feud here. Both are counted out when they are vigorously fighting ignoring the ten count. They would cut promos and begin a long road.

The Undertaker vs. Crush (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. JS Storm (Monday Night RAW)
The Undertaker vs. Duane Gill (Superstars of Wrestling)


The Undertaker vs. Derek Domino (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Ray Hudson (Monday Night RAW)

It was time for the Undertaker to get off the road for awhile. He had some lingering injuries that needed to be mended and Yoko was his best bet for a sendoff. And what a sendoff it was. They had agreed on a Casket Match for the WWF World Title at the Royal Rumble. This is one of the most memorable Casket Matches in the Undertaker's career. Will Yokozuna rest in peace

The Undertaker had a great few years as a babyface. He started off feuding with Sid Vicious and ended up being put out to pasture by Yokozuna. However, he would comeback hotter than ever and ready to kick some ass. But that is the next part. 

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