Superstar Spotlight: The Undertaker Part I

Superstar Spotlight
The Undertaker
Part 1 (1990 - 1991)

*Note: The WWE Network has a serious issue when uploading things like Wrestling Challenge and Superstars of Wrestling. I am a full time subscriber to the WWE Network and I suggest you get a subscription as well. However, due to their non-uploading of classic content I am showcasing a lot of videos from Dailymotion and YouTube. This is historical content whether the WWE understands that or not. It should be preserved. When and if the links to these smaller shows become available on the WWE Network, I will change them. 

The Deadman has been carving a path in the WWF for over thirty years. He has had an undefeated streak at Wrestlemania that might stand as the greatest of all time. He has been through a number of re-imaginations and retools. However, The Undertaker has always been the fiercest competitor the WWF had created. Our Superstar Spotlight today features Part 1 of our look at all the Undertaker's matches. Every Superstar, Wrestler and Jobber that comes his way will all be mowed down in front of you.

PS. let me know about broken links. We will be using the WWE Network for all that we can find.

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Mark Calloway wouldn't start his run as the Undertaker right away. However, he would make his debut with the World Wrestling Federation as Kane the Undertaker. Perhaps the Kane name was never removed from the drawing board. He would spend this period of his career as an uncanny force on Wrestling Challenge. 

Kane the Undertaker vs. Mario Mancini (Wrestling Challenge)
Kane the Undertaker vs. Rick Sampson (Wrestling Challenge)
Kane the Undertaker vs. Terry Davis (Superstars of Wrestling)
Kane the Undertaker vs. Sonny Blaze (Wrestling Challenge)
Kane the Undertaker vs. Randy Hunter (Wrestling Challenge)

After his initial trial run as Kane, The Undertaker would make his official debut under the moniker we are all familiar with. He would do so at the 1990 Survivor Series as the mystery member of The Million Dollar Team. 

The Undertaker was a force that no one had seen in professional wrestling. He appeared to actually be dead and the WWF kept that story line going. The debut of the Undertaker character had actually propelled the WWF for a few years. I remember kids on the playground talking about The Undertaker and how unstoppable he was. Everyone couldn't wait to see if this monster could stop Hulk Hogan. 

The Undertaker vs. Ray Hammer (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Will Ford (Wrestling Challenge)


The Undertaker vs. Allan Reynolds (Wrestling Challenge)

The Undertaker's first big challenge would be competing in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match at the 1991 Royal Rumble. He would enter at number twelve and have a pretty good shot. But... well... Hulk Hogan was also in the Royal Rumble and he can't let Mark go over on him... brother. 

The Undertaker had officially arrived. He wouldn't be chasing the gold yet. But he would at least be able to take on bigger name faces. His very first “big name” performer would be Jimmy “SuperFly” Snuka.

During this entire time The Undertaker had only appeared with his manager Brother Love. However, Love would have to pass his services onto the iconic Paul Bearer completing the look and mystique of the Undertaker. He was now in full effect.

The Undertaker vs. Tommy Angel (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. David Isley (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Jim Duggan (House Show)
The Undertaker vs. Pat Armstrong (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Dale Wolfe (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Tugboat (WWF Road To WrestleMania VII)
The Undertaker vs. Major Yates (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Tugboat (WWF on MSG Network)

The Undertakers first Road to Wrestlemania in '91 had been paved with the bodies of a lot of enhancement talent. But also it would also give The Undertaker his first mini feuds. One feud is with Tugboat. He and 'Taker have a few matches. The same with Jimmy Snuka. His mini feud with Snuka would culminate at The Undertaker's first Wrestlemania.

The Undertaker vs. Larry Luddon (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. George Anderson (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Buck Zumhoff (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Dan Robins (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Jim Evans (Wrestling Challenge)

The Undertaker was sure turning heads. He appeared to be literally snapping necks and cashing checks. He would viciously spike his opponents heads into the ground with his ridiculously dangerous looking first version of the Tombstone Piledriver. He couldn't just be left to do this to these poor competitors right? Someone had to stop him. Why not Warrior

The Undertaker vs. Scott Bazo (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Terry Zeller (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Bob Allen (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Jim Gorman (Wrestling Challenge)

The Ultimate Warrior would be the first big time feud for The Undertaker. The WWF knew that they had something special here. They knew that elementary schools all over the place had their eyeballs on these two titans. So, Paul Bearer and 'Taker challenged The Ultimate Warrior to a Body Bag Match

The Undertaker vs. Ray Williams (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Brian Jewel (Superstars of Wrestling)

People everywhere loved the program between Warrior and Taker. Warrior couldn't leave his loss in the Body Bag Match alone. He knew that if Undertaker and Paul Bearer kept messing with him he would have to end this. This would all lead to the Undertaker's first Casket Match at Wrestlefest '91. 

Ultimate Warrior on the Funeral Parlor

Ultimate Warrior on the Funeral Parlor
The Undertaker vs. The Ultimate Warrior
Casket Match
WWF Wrestlefest '91 - July 14th 1991

This match is actually pretty elusive. I am purchasing a VHS of Wrestlefest '91 and will be uploading the video. If you find this match online, please let me know. 

The Undertaker vs. Bill Pierce (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Chris Hahn (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Animal (WWF King of the Ring 1991 Qualifier)
The Undertaker vs. Sid Justice (WWF King of the Ring 1991)

The 1991 King of the Ring is something that I am praying to find some good footage of. I am really praying that the WWE will be putting online. I bet it had some great match ups. The match between Taker and Sid must have been intense. Such a big guy in Sid Justice meeting up with The Undertaker would be insane. Good thing we got to see it a few weeks later. 

It's also an exciting time as The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan would sign their contract for their match at the 1991 Survivor Series. It was happening. The Deadman was inching closer to dethroning Hulkamania and becoming WWF Champion.

The Undertaker vs. Dwayne Gill (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Sid Justice (Superstars of Wrestling)

The Battle at the Royal Albert Hall was an example of a really interesting card that just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. It gave fans in the UK a good look at some WWF Superstars that they wouldn't necessarily get to see. So it's a good idea to showcase as many as you can in a Battle Royal. Also, Taker got his hands on “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan in a singles match. 

The Ultimate Warrior had given The Undertaker a taste of Main Event blood and Taker liked it. He had started setting his sights on more upper-midcard superstars like The British Bulldog, Texas Tornado and Tito Santana. He would then begin a bit of a feud with Randy Savage that would also spin-off into Taker calling out Sid Justice. However, both of these feuds went nowhere.

The Undertaker vs. Tito Santana (WWF World Tour '91)
The Undertaker vs. Greg Valentine (Prime Time Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Major Yates (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Texas Tornado (Superstars of Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Mark Thomas (Wrestling Challenge)
The Undertaker vs. Al Phillips (Superstars of Wrestling)

It wouldn't be long until The Undertaker would challenge Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title. Hogan had been on top of the company for over five years and fans loved seeing him topple opponents. But they wanted to see him lose too. In fact more fans seemed to want to see Hogan lose than win. Their match was dubbed the Gravest Challenge and The Undertaker promised to kill Hulkamania. That intrigued us. 

The Undertaker vs. The British Bulldog* (Prime Time Wrestling)
The Undertaker vs. Barry Horowitz (Wrestling Challenge)

And of course in typical Hulk Hogan fashion he would have to get his win back. So, in a really quick time after the Survivor Series, the WWF tried out a new format Pay-Per-View called Tuesday in Texas. It was pretty much a vehicle to get the strap back on the Hulkster dude. 

The Undertaker vs. Richie Garvin (Superstars of Wrestling)

After the Undertaker's loss to Hogan he would join up with his on-again/off-again partner Jake “The Snake” Roberts and take on Randy Savage. Remember when The Undertaker, Jake Roberts and Paul Bearer attacked Savage during his wedding? Or when The Undertaker fought “Hacksaw” all those times? Well this match was finally the culmination of all of those feuds

* Indicates a Title Match

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