Grudge Match: Terry Funk vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler - Part 2



Both competitors had an amazing few years in the eighties that really drew. However, they would both go off and establish themselves individually during the rest of that era. It wasn't until nostalgia started calling in 1990. USWA was interested in reigniting that old rivalry. Funk was still the scrappy lunatic we all fell in love with. Lawler was the face with an eclectic array of leotards.

"The King" Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk
Grudge Match
USWA - April 15th 1990

Wrestling fans clamored for more Lawler versus Funk. They wanted blood. They wanted a repeat of the old eighties Deathmatches that legend holds. A fight that would really determine who the true winner is of their feud. Bookers knew that it was a true marquee matchup that would draw fans especially in Memphis and the south. 

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Terry Funk

Unfortunately, the following match only has a snippet. If anyone has footage of this full match could you please contact me at 

The contract signing for this next match is inaudible. Funk appears to be a madman again running around the ring. Fighting with the fans. Fighting with Lawler. Fighting with himself. He is apparently the champion of something. It isn't the TWA or TWF title so I am not aware. However, it leads to this Audience Lumberjack Match with fans at ringside ready to beat up Funk. 

They would continue battling throughout the USWA and TWA. Trading titles and victories. Their memorable promos would continue to simmer. They would keep their feud in the USWA and it proved to be one of the more interesting feuds running in that promotion. 

The two would squabble for months. They would have outrageous promos and deliver intense matches. Their chemistry was palpable. However, Terry Funk would move on to work for WCW with "The King" going on to join the WWF and Vince McMahon. They would meet up periodically in one off Battle Royals in the USWA and WWF but it would still be a bit until they met one on one in the squared circle again. 

In 1998, Funk and Lawler would stand on opposite sides of the ring in WWF on an episode of Shotgun Saturday Night. It would be during a six man tag match with Jerry Lawler tagging with his son's team Too Much taking on Terry Funk, Dustin Runnels and Bradshaw. Such a weird place to have this matchup. Funk and Lawler hadn't faced each other in over five years. I am looking for this match and it will hopefully be released whenever the WWE Network decides to upload Shotgun Saturday Night. 

In 2003, Jersey All Pro Wrestling (JAPW) dusted off the Terry Funk & Lawler feud and featured them as the main event at their show Wanted Dead or Alive. The tape for the show is available from RF Video. If someone posts the match I will hunt it down and post it here. That match at JAPW would spark another fire leading towards The End of an Era.

Fans would show up in droves to independent shows to see the WWF's resident loudmouth beating on the hardcore icon Terry Funk. Both riding out the nineties for rival companies creating even more competition. The Insane Clown Posse's wrestling federation Juggalo Championship Wrestling would follow in JAPW's footsteps by featuring Lawler and Funk in a few matches. 

They would clash all over the country for various independent promotions that were looking to draw on the feud. However, you could see the program slowing down and it would cool again as the two prepared for another series of hardcore bouts. A series of matches that would be dubbed the End of an Era. These matches were the culmination of a bloody thirty year feud. Nearing ever closer to the twilight of these competitors careers. 

This intense hatred and these hardcore matches would all lead up to The Final Stand. A final match between two WWE Hall of Famers. A final match that pits The King against the Hardcore Legend to finally see who is tougher. To see who is more extreme. To draw that defining line that would end it all. It would also be hyped up to be another of Funk's retirement matches. It's not pretty and it's not one of their best. But The Final Stand is definitely an important match. Even with a screwy ending. But that can only mean that we might see one more bout. Maybe it's fate that these two actually will fight forever. 

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